The new standard for remote construction projects, off-grid living, and businesses that require energy independence. OFF-GRID systems free you from the grid and let you produce power anywhere. Relocate with ease when the job is complete and setup at the next site. View OFF-GRID Specifications

Ideal for Villages, Communities, Water pumping & Treatment stations, Communication systems, Commercial, Industrial applications and so much more. MINI-GRID delivers power where it is needed. Connect the local area to a dependable power production system and remove the roadblocks to development. View MINI-GRID specifications
When existing grid capacity can’t handle the load, GRID-GUARD will keep the system from crashing. The innovative design delivers power to satisfy peak load shortages and prevent grid failures. GRID-GUARD supplies power from storage to meet demand spikes.  View GRID-GUARD specifications
GRID-GUARD embraces the most dynamic technologies to deliver training to our partners. Digital manuals and in-depth videos empower our customers with detailed information no matter where they are. Partners can send staff for extensive training with us to develop high level expertise.
Creating a profitable mini grid means that customers need to be billed for their energy use. Grid-Guard systems provide the management group the ability to meter usage and invoice. Ensuring economic viability means that the long-term success of the mini-grid is assured. This is a key component for growing the local economy.

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Remote Energy Distribution

Grid-Guard’s modular solutions allow for easy and cost-effective implementation of mini-grid systems anywhere. Grid-Guard systems can be used to create a new grid in almost any location or add to an existing power grid that struggles to meet peak usage loads. Insufficient electricity can cause a grid to fail. Grid-Guard supplies on-demand power to satisfy peak load shortages and prevent grid failure.

Energy Management

Having an electrical generation system isn’t enough, power needs to be managed. Grid-Guard systems are integrated with smart energy control systems that allow you to monitor and manage your power production & exportability.

Energy Monitoring and Control System (EMCS)

The Energy Monitoring and Control System (EMCS) governs all GRID-GUARD products. Pre-programmed settings allow for quick setup and simple operation. Overall performance monitoring and data collection can be recorded locally or communicated to our global monitoring center for remote management over the internet. An integrated 16” touch screen displays performance data, controls system management and provides access to video tutorials on system setup.


Energy Storage

Generating electricity and exporting power on-demand are the primary functions of Grid-Guard systems. Storing power for when it is needed requires the right technology, our systems use Carbon AGM batteries for their cost effectiveness, stability and exceptionally long life of up to 4,500 cycles.
*Matrix Infinity Carbon AGM batteries can cycle 4,500 times at 50% depth of depletion


Solar Power

GRID-GUARD employs high-efficiency bifacial panels that increase production by 10-20% and maximize generating capabilities. Each solar array is easily adjusted to ensure peak production during every season. MPPT solar charge controllers deliver the most power to storage with 98% efficiency.

Auxiliary Generator

When the power-grid needs 100% uptime, the backup diesel generator offers up to 20kW immediately. Integrated to the EMCS, the generator automatically starts without intervention ensuring seamless power delivery. Robust and efficient, our generators have up to a 20-year lifespan.

Quick Deployment

GRID-GUARD Systems are designed to deploy quickly and be easily setup. Unpacking and assembly can be completed in one day. GRID-GUARD systems are manufactured to simplify the deployment process and detailed instructions makes setup smooth.


Training & Support

GRID-GUARD training programs provide step by step installation guides to ensure thorough understanding. In depth training is also available on-site or in our facilities. GRID-GUARD managed maintenance plans inspire confidence that your system is always functioning at it’s peak performance. Extended warranty and service programs are available to guarantee long-term durability.



GRID-GUARD is a product line we designed to support and stabilize the power-grids. It supports the grid by offering large storage and large energy delivery when it’s needed. GRID-GUARD’s System Controls, monitor, and exports power intelligently. Sizing systems correctly can stop brownouts and blackouts from ever happening. GRID-GUARD is designed to protect the grid from crashing, while paying for itself through its solar production.  For more information contact us by completing the form below: