GRID-GUARD was established because we recognized that many people have limited or no access to electricity. Our goal is to see power distributed all over the world with an efficient, sustainable and economical approach. Our team has extensive experience in the solar industry and a deep passion for sharing our knowledge and involvement with solar technologies. Because of our history with off-grid solar projects, we were able to develop a line of products that can provide power where it is needed most. GRID-GUARD is the newest member of our group of solar companies and will enable us to provide clean energy power stations and launch our training and educational programs where they can provide the greatest benefit.

Our team is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and empowered world where everyone gets the opportunity to pursue their dreams. We feel that because of our experience in designing and implementing solar projects and training the solar industry in Canada, we are ideally positioned to contribute to making those dreams possible.

There are many organizations already working to provide solutions. Grid-Guard aspires to partner with Companies, Governments, NGO’s, Charities and Communities to help them deliver solutions for their projects. Let us know how we can help you deliver electricity where it’s needed.


We are a group of companies.